Faye Landey's Bio

Faye Landey
CNVC Certified Trainer
CALF Founder

I was aware as a little girl, that all humans share basic feelings and needs, and yet, I had lost that awareness over the years of living in a world where norms and authority were valued more than the individual. Now I have learned that we are all similar humans walking this journey of life no matter what our status or cultural upbringing.

Toward that awareness, my personal goal is to offer the NVC process as a strategy so individuals can know that they have many choices for living a life of vitality without harming themselves or others in the process! I want especially to work with change agents who teach and influence others exponentially.

A graduate of Emory University, Faye joined the professional work force in the early sixties when women were first emerging out of the kitchen and into board rooms. Because her passion for humanitarian efforts were not always in concert with the "swim-with-the-sharks" mentality of climbing the corporate ladder, Faye was greatly relieved to find the world of NVC where compassion, personal relationships and success based on emotional intelligence is valued and pursued.

As a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, Faye is passionate to bring equanimity to life, knowing that there will always be challenges, along with empowerment to face adversity with appreciation for self, appreciation for others, and an understanding for the complexities that emerge when people come together.

Her present passion is teaching those who teach others. As an Adjunct Professor at Thomas University, Faye teaches Social Emotional Intelligence Learning and NVC at the Masters in Education level. The CALF program grew out of her passion for mutual support with those who want to share NVC.

Faye lives in Atlanta with her husband of 51 years, and humorously says that marriage has provided her with situations and fodder for numerous workshop practices!

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