Michael Dillo's Bio

Michael Dillo
CNVC Certified Trainer
CNVC Assessor

After a career of many years as a civil engineer, I realized how much fear I had of change. I "had" to pay for my family, I "had" to finance my house, my insurances, my car, the vacation……. What could I do? My life seemed to be a one-way street without any alternative to civil engineering.

In 1997 I got a hunch to attend a workshop with Marshall B. Rosenberg in order to find some answers to my questions and fears. And indeed, during the first 3 day seminar I already got many answers to my concerns.

After a while I realized that understanding NVC intellectually is quite different than internalizing it! It took many years of exploring myself step by step in order connect with my feelings and needs and to be able to empathize with myself and with others.

By 2002 I had gained so much inner safety that I quit my engineering job without feelings of fear or guilt. I began to trust in my fate. Again and again I've been fascinated and grateful for the experience of things, people, inspiration and even money coming to me "by chance“.

I’ve been a certified trainer with CNVC since 2004 then in 2013 I was asked to join the CNVC assessors team for the German speaking part of Switzerland.

Since 2015, I’ve been part of the Certification Coordination Council where my role involves supporting the work of the international assessors group.

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